GCC 2017 has ended
The 2017 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2017) is being held in Montpellier, France, 26-30 June.  GCC2017 will include keynotes and accepted talks, poster sessions, demos, birds-of-a-feather meetups, exhibitors, and plenty of networking opportunities. There will also be three days of pre-conference activities, including hackathons and training. If you work in data-intensive biomedical research, there is no better place than GCC2017 to present your work and to learn from others.

The full printed program is also available.

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Thursday, June 29

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Break, Sponsors, Posters, and Demos Session Le Corum Poster Session 1: Odd numbers Le Corum P01: Galaxy-docker-ansible Le CorumRuben Vorderman P03: Automated customized deployment Galaxy portal instance in IFB Cloud Computing Le CorumSandrine Perrin P05: The EDAM ontology and its integration into Galaxy Le CorumHervé Ménager P07: myFAIR Analysis: Personal FAIR Data Management and Analysis Le CorumSaskia Hiltemann P09: Wrapping tools: on the shoulders of the GCC community Le CorumValentin Marcon P11: Utility scripts for data manipulation in Galaxy Le CorumSimon Gladman P13: Prioritizing SNPs using the Neo4j Galaxy Interactive Environment Le CorumPeter van Heusden • Ziphozakhe Mashologu • Lose Thoba P15: The MiModD suite of tools for genetic variant mapping and identification Le CorumWolfgang Maier P17: ProteoRE, a Galaxy-based infrastructure for interpreting and exploring mass spectrometry-based proteomics data Le CorumLien Nguyen P19: A reproducible data analysis environment for next-generation sequencing on public cloud computer Le CorumManabu Ishii P21: Deployment of genome databases for insects using Galaxy Genome Annotation Le CorumAnthony Bretaudeau P23: Detecting somatic de-novo Transposable Element insertions with Galaxy Le CorumMarius van den Beek P25: Galaxy and the full spectrum of needs in a small-scale cancer study Le CorumChristin Lund-Andersen P27: ASaiM: a Galaxy-based framework to analyze raw sequencing data from microbiota Le CorumBérénice Batut P29: Developing a bioinformatics pipeline for optimization of sperm epigenome analysis in mice and men to be used for the identification of epigenetic signatures in sperm associated with environmental perturbat... Le CorumDeepak Tanwar P31: In silico toxicity assessment in cultured rat intestinal cells deduced from cellular impedance measurements and transcriptomics data Le CorumPooja Gupta P33: Using Galaxy as a platform for continuous software development Le CorumGeir Kjetil Sandve • Boris Simovski Demo Session 1: Odd numbers Le Corum D01: Integration of Linked Data into Galaxy using AskOmics Le CorumXavier Garnier D03: De novo transcriptome annotation visualization and filtering Le CorumEduardo De Paiva Alves Sponsor Exhibition Le Corum

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